My Top 5 Online Resources

Today I want to share 5 of my Top Author Resources. As a writer, I spend an astronomical amount of time procrastinating on the internet. To make myself feel better, the hours of time spent scrolling are usually spent reading information about writing and the craft. So, at least I have a logical excuse right? I’m just pursuing education, and not at all ignoring my WIP.

During that time, I have accumulated a few favorite websites to turn to when I need an extra ‘boost’ of creative inspiration.

  • Seekerville – Most of the bloggers at Seekerville write in my genre, if not similar ones. I’ve only just been introduced to them, but I love the diversity of their content and the warmth in all of the bloggers! There is nothing pretentious about them, and they even have a recipe blog! Yum!
  • Phylicia Masonheimer – Driven Women – If you have talked about theology with me at all, you will know that I love Phylicia. I don’t agree with her on every subject, but her point of view is so unique and insightful. Her posts on productivity have helped my writing tremendously! I get so much more done in a reasonable amount of time and find myself keeping my “eye on the prize” when I am tempted to get distracted. Check her out!
  • Positive Writer – I’m a HUGE fan of positivity. So much of life is made 10 times worse because we have such a negative view! I love this site’s outlook. As you can tell from the name of the site, it has a very positive and uplifting atmosphere! Head that way if you’re feeling discouraged, ans especially if you’re doubtful. Brian knows exactly how to help!
  • Amie Mcnee – I follow Amie on Instagram (@inspiredtowrite ) and find her honesty so refreshing. She isn’t afraid to show the raw, unfiltered parts of writing. She exposes the doubt, fear, and the rejection that writers go through and encourages through it! Follow her on Instagram, and also check out her blog!
  • Writer’s Digest    – Old Faithful! Writer’s Digest as been a staple for writing resources for years, and I scour their site all of the time to look for the latest tips and tricks of the trade! Utilizing their extensive knowledge is a totally smart thing, and you should do it. Also, check out their books! My personal favorite is “Fiction Writing: Master Class”, it’s very helpful!

Now, it’s your turn! Comment below some of your favorite writing resources!

One thought on “My Top 5 Online Resources

  1. Thank you for your resources. I don’t have links I can think of right now. I follow a lot of authors and occasionally they have blogged about their experiences. Also I have connected with a few authors on messenger who have been helpful with their knowledge. Everyone seems to recommend the American Christian Fiction Writer, ACFW. I plan to join next month :).


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